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sshawdows-ab0vee: I turn 18 soon and i want to get a very very small mandala flower just under my left breast near the ribs with the quote by bob marley "wake up and live." This will all be done without my parents knowing, would you say this is a bad idea to go ahead with it and wait until I am older or just do it? X

hi (and happy early birthday)!
well this might be tricky.

first of all, it doesn’t hurt to wait. if you’re unsure (esp. since your parents won’t know) you can always let the idea sit for a while and think on it a bit.

if you explain to your parents how much this would mean to you and that it isn’t some sort of passing interest, they might be surprisingly okay with it. (i have a friend whose parents say that if she can keep a tattoo idea for a year, they’re cool with her getting it)

anyway, it’s a “very very small” tat that seems to hold personal meaning for you. if you’ve tried and you’re parents are against it, but you’re sure you want it anyway, go for it and get it as a gift for yourself - you will be 18, after all.

best of luck!

sexualnintendo: Your blog is awesome, it's really nice to read how you answer every ask so politely and kindly. I'm looking forward to get an arrow tattoo in the future, so your effort really helps others to figure out future ideas for a perfect tat. Love from Chile :) - Josh

thank you so so so much! that really means a lot to me.
i love arrow tats — good luck with it (and we’d all love to see a submission if/when you get it). love from taiwan!

Anonymous: Do you think tattoos need to have a meaning behind them? I was scrolling through your blog and there's so many nice ones I would want to get but they don't really have a meaning I just like the way they look

i reblogged a post a long time ago that said something like ‘contrary to popular belief, you don’t actually need an effing life story to get a tattoo’

that said, it just helps for a tat to be personally relevant, so in the future if your design aesthetics change (i.e. you don’t like the style of your tat anymore) you can always refer back to its meaning and remember why you got it in the first place.

sometimes if you just REALLY FREAKING LIKE A DESIGN, that’s perfectly okay too. there’s no need to try force fit a meaning behind it.

i really hope that helps; good luck!