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Anonymous: i want to know the name of the tipography, or if is a handwrite if you can send me an image. i love that tatoo and i want to gift that to my girlfriend,Thank youu

hi. sorry, the tattoos aren’t mine! you’d have to ask the source.

accidentally-in-l0vee: Pros and cons of white ink tattoos?

hi. i love how easily concealable they are! i’ve also seen some interesting black-white ink tattoos. a con? i had a friend who thought they were not tattoos, but scarred on. 

see white ink.

Anonymous: Hello, your tumblr is amazing... :) Look maybe you have a cool idea for me I would like to do a pretty Little Tattoo for my sister and for my Family do you have an idea for me ?

hi, thank you!

anytime anyone mentions family i think of ohana. you can also look under matching for ideas.

Anonymous: still waiting for my asks to get answered

hi anon. i am trying, but i’m on holiday with limited wifi access. might help if you tell me which question.

Anonymous: Have you blogged any small sun tattoos?

at least two. see here.

Anonymous: I want a tattoo dedicated to muy boyfriend. Can you give me ideas?

hi. if you’re looking beyond the more generic (outline of a heart, a name, etc) and want something more special, you probably need to come up with the type of answer i can’t give. does he have a favorite flower? is there a faith you share? a meaningful line from your song?